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Digital Twin

Create your
  AI enabled workforce

Our Cognitive Artificial Intelligence technologies replicate, scale and make available decisions made by people.

These AI models are your
decisioning Digital Twins

Current technology trends look to remove human contact from workflows and processes. This is a logical trend because humans simply cannot keep up. Most processes will, however, benefit from human inputs or decisions. It is widely accepted that a future workforce must include deeper collaboration between humans and AI. Your Digital Twin removes the limitation around access to your time and attention in processes where your input or decision is needed. 

We imagine a better world where the limitation of access to expertise, experience, and wisdom is removed. 

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Digital Twins

Then - Digital Twins have traditionally been created within assets, products, machines and processes. Supported functions included scenario planning (what if analysis), optimization and training. 

Now – Digital Twin technology has evolved to include the modelling of people as assets in the organization. Digital Twins that represent experience and skills are set to enhance processes that rely on decision intelligence.  

Our Digital Twins operate in several niche industries including financial services, cybercrime, healthcare, law enforcement and social services.

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Fraud and Collusion
"Digital Twins as forensic  auditors"

Employee Fraud & Collusion detection


Employee fraud costs organizations billions of dollars every year. Of all the tactics fraudsters employ collusion remains one of the most difficult to detect. 

Digital Twin Technology enables organizations to deploy a digital team of fraud experts - a Digital Fraud Review Panel - within existing payment systems. This Digital Fraud Review Panel acts as an independent "second set of eyes" to monitor payment activity & block suspicious transactions in real-time.


Internal resources cannot interact with the external Digital Fraud Review Panel, therefore any opportunity to collude is removed.

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Claire De Agrela

Financial Crime

"Use Digital Twins to scale your compliance team"

Financial Crime monitoring systems create excessive volumes of alerts. Regulation prescribes that certified financial crime analysts adjudicate these alerts. Limited analyst capacity leads to a processing bottleneck, delays and inefficiencies which often result in compliance breaches, fines and penalties, organisational and reputational risk. Financial Crime Digital Twins replicate the decisions of the human analysts. These Digital Twins work within the financial services industry as a decision support technology to scale the processing capacity of financial crime analysts.

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Artifical Intelligence Decisioning Digital Twin Claire.png

Claire De Agrela

Cyber Security

"Achieve real time cyber alert management" 


Cyber security detection technologies have implemented zero trust methodologies resulting in high volumes of alerts. Despite assistance from SIEM & SOAR technologies security analysts are struggling to cope with ever increasing volumes of alerts.


TOM Digital Twins replicate complex resolution decisions which currently require the domain knowledge of the human analysts. The SecOps Digital Twins work alongside existing technologies and SecOps analysts alleviating pressure on their human counterparts. Digital Twins enable organizations to digitally scale the decisioning capacity of their SecOps teams to more efficiently manage the volumes of alerts or incidents.

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Carl Wocke

AI Ethics Governance

"Deploy Digital Twins to monitor technology and organizational ethics"

Responsible use of AI (in particular high risk AI) is set to be a regulatory requirement within the next few months. In order to comply organizations must demonstrate that their AI has passed the conformity assessments and is monitored on an ongoing basis. Moral and ethical standards are difficult to define using system rules. TOM Digital Twins replicate the opinion of human experts enabling organizations to consistently and accurately screen and monitor the organizations AI.

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Hendrich png-13.png

Malcolm Mhandu

IT Incident Management

"High speed IT incident management using Digital Twins"

IT operations monitoring technologies create ‘alerts’ signalling system stress. With the advancement of automation (#AIOps), an increasing number of these alerts are being resolved via rules engines, however Complex alerts continue to demand human intervention and expertise.

Organizations use our TOM™ technology to create decision-making Digital Twins of the organization’s IT Experts. These Digital Twins respond via API call to alerts as the engineer or expert would only more efficiently, 24/7 and 365 days a year, dramatically reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR) and minimising downtime of critical systems and IT infrastructure.

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Cyber Risk Management

Data/Information security 

Data risk assessments, often referred to as cloud risk assessments, cause major delays within organisations. 'Cloud' is only one aspect of risk, the process requires multiple experts' attention for many hours to accurately analyse various areas of risk and advise on controls. The bottleneck around the availability of expertise is solved by Digitally replicating the experts. 


Through our TOM technology we have created Digital Twins of the experts required to analyse the risk - from information security specialists to data compliance officers.

Organizations are now able to process these assessments in minutes rather than days!! Freeing up valuable resources to concentrate on higher value tasks and enable business to implement the systems they need much faster and more efficiently.

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Artifical Intelligence Decisioning Digital Twin Claire.png

Claire De Agrela

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