Senior management

oversight at transactional level

Regulation as well as company policies and procedures, designed to

manage risk, are created at the most senior level and cascaded down the organisation via various control and monitoring mechanisms and reporting structures.


The challenge with implementing and enforcing compliance, not only with regulatory prescribed actions, but also with the organisations own policies and procedures, is that the persons who best understands how to interpret the law or policy in a particular scenario as well as the consequences of a breach, are physically unable to comment on compliance or lack thereof at transactional level. 

  The TOM Technology


The TOM technology provides a revolutionary approach to risk.

Equivalent to having the organisations best compliance, legal, technical or any subject matter expert, monitoring and commenting on each and every transaction in real time. 

The TOM technology replicates the decisions of human experts and enables these decisions to be provided at transactional level via an API call to the model created by the human expert and enabling the organisation to have it's most trusted, skilled and qualified person/s available 24/7 365 to monitor risk. 

The existing technology is positioned adjacent to technology stacks and requires no costly system migration.

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