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Frequently Asked Questions

The following faq's are a result of real questions we have fielded over the years.

How do you differ from other Artificial Intelligence technologies?

The vast majority of AI companies use captured or historical data as the source for the learning that takes place in AI. The Merlynn TOM technology learns directly from the expert through a game/simulation process and is not therefore reliant on data. Traditional AI techniques will create Predictions but not Decisions.


A Prediction is a statement of what is likely to happen. A Decision is what to do about it.

Why model expertise?

Expertise is an instinctual understanding of a situation or scenario. Expertise is housed within the subconscious and is very difficult to explain, even by the actual expert. Expertise is just knowing something and not being able to fully explain why. The value of expertise is that it highlights things that are not necessarily evident in data as well as the reality that expertise is a highly sought after resource that takes time to grow. 

Can you model empathy?

The TOM technology is ideally suited to model sentiments and reactions like empathy and ethics. Empathy will vary based on the individual and to an extent we are all our own experts in our own type of empathy. TOM allows organizations to deploy processes that now incorporate empathy, ethics and related humanistic emotions. The differentiation opportunity is being able to allow the customer experience to include "human dealing with human" type sentiment which so often gets ignored in high volume transaction environments.

What is a virtual expert?

Merlynn refers to a virtual expert as a digitized version of the human expert.

Will experts be put out of work because of your technology?

This is not the case as the expertise of the expert will change over time and therefore there will be a need to evolve the virtual expert. This is known as evolving the model where the expert can update the model. 

The thinking behind the TOM technology is to support vs replace.

How long does it take to create a virtual expert?

The creation of virtual experts is a matter of hours from start to finish.

How is your technology deployed?

Virtual experts are accessed via API (Application Program Interface). This essentially means that the virtual experts can be seamlessly integrated into most third party applications through a simple program call.

Does your technology replace other types of analytics?

No, TOM is positioned to supplement existing BI and analytics.

What industries do you operate in and who are your customers?

Merlynn operates in a number of industries with the main deployment area being in risk management. Our focus is to assist our clients in minimizing loss associated with risk. Loss includes everything that can potentially harm the organization. This could include losing customers, compliance failures, employee risk, product development. transaction handling, data analysis…

AI has developed a fair amount of bad publicity in its application capabilities and its power to change everything around us. It is therefore up to our clients to decide on how and when to talk about how they are using our technology. We will however promote discussion between clients in the same industry if this is appropriate. 

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