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Why Merlynn

Merlynn has accumulated vast experience in AI and its application throughout a number of industries.  Team members from within the Merlynn community are able to assist organizations in the development of AI related strategies and their practical translation into operational environments. Strategies include AI impact (risk and opportunity definition),  IP capture (knowledge retention and deployment) and proactive risk management strategies and methodologies.

Merlynn currently services global clients in risk, banking, insurance, education and law enforcement.

We have a strict policy of "technology with a conscience" and only engage with organizations where there is a sustainable and positive outcome to be achieved. 

Our business model is to empower our clients by allowing them full autonomy and control of the technology. The result being exponential value creation in practical, real world applications.  

Once an engagement has been agreed, the Merlynn team will design a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology in the clients operational environment. The POC will allow the client to be trained on the TOM technology and will see the delivery of fast realizable value to the organization. Annual and/or transaction based licensing will be applicable based on specific value created.

Client references and use cases are available based on actual vetted interest.