ADE replicates human expertise and decisions which are too complex to be handled by business rules to:
• Scale the organisations most

experienced and valuable human

• Enable highly cognitive decisions to

be made in real time.
• Enable the organisation to more fully

automate processes and manage risk

• An alert is any event in a business process that triggers the requirement for human expert intervention.

• Decisions which typically require expertise, judgement or business acumen to minimise the risk to the business and determine the best possible outcome.

• Risks / alerts include customer complaints / attrition, compliance, fraud, cyber attack and everything in between.

• ADE learns from the expert directly. No data is required

• ADE is the only technology able to replicate tacit knowledge (knowledge gained from experience, instinct, empathy and ethics)

• Designed to handle all of the complexity of AI for the business user

• Easy integration into existing systems through its API and batch handling capabilities

• Reduced operational risk
• Reduced cost / Enhanced process efficiencies • Improved decision quality, consistency &

• Improved customer service & experience • Resource optimisation, scaled expertise

• The most common application is to enhance existing predictive AI technologies.


This effectively removes uncertainty left in a prediction.

For example:

Prediction – potentially fraudulent transaction (confidence 85%) 15% uncertainty means it’s risky to simply cancel or decline the transaction Requires human expert (analyst) to review and make decision on next best action

ADE will replicate the decision in real-time and remove the bottleneck around the human expert.

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