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Introducing TOM

Short YouTube introduction to TOM

link- YouTube

Merlynn TOM in Insurance 

 Article published by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance  

link - Article

Merlynn on AI

Article by Acumen magazine referencing Merlynn. (GIBS business school)...pg 21 

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TOM presentation at Emory University

Article discussing TOM presentation at Emory University

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Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

Video of presentation to Suncorp Synergy Conference - Australia 2017

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Next Generation Artificial Intelligence

Article describing a natural evolution of AI 

link - Article

Internet of Things

A discussion detailing TOM and the technology role in the Internet of Things 

link - Milled

Risk Management

An article published in Accountancy SA describing artificial intelligence and risk mitigation 

link - ASA


The business value around scaling expertise in the financial services sector 

link - FA Mag

Mining Expertise

YouTube presentation by Carl Wocke describing business methodologies surrounding the TOM technology

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Leaderex Convention 2016

Carl Wocke in panel discussion at Leaderex 2016 - Sandton

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TOM Review - Prof AP Engelbrecht
A high level review of TOM. - download